Professional clients can access the 2017 prices for Hydralians products through its new online interactive catalogue, also available at its agencies. A catalogue of more than 400 pages, listed by category: «Swimming pool, Sprinkler systems, Water Pumping».

In particular a summary of products for Pools, Sprinkler systems, Water Pumping, Water Treatments and Networks.

Among the Swimming pool products, more than 100 pages are devoted to the references for filters, pumps, sealing parts, electrical boxes, counter-current swimming equipment, accessories, heating, dehumidifiers, automatic water treatments, maintenance products, water games, devices for analysis, water maintenance products, robots, spas, aquabikes, etc.

A photo, a description, a product reference and the price of each article is given, but also advice, assorted technical information, a product return form for the agency for after-sales service and the list of the 52 Hydralians agencies in France.



catalogue Hydralians 2017

The catalogue online