At the 2016 Piscine Global trade show in Lyon, Mathieu BOUVIER and Yann AQUILINA, founders of ABP, presented their new, patented ISI-MIROIR concept.


ISI-MIROIR Salon de Lyon


This innovative system integrates downspouts, a buffer tank and a mechanism for adjusting the leveller and provides perfect sealing conditions in a single modular element.
It is thus easy to make an infinity pool without the need of a buffer tank.

The overflow water is retrieved by the ISI-MIROIR downspouts, is stored inside it, suctioned, filtered and pumped back into the pool through the discharge nozzles.


bord Piscine débordement Système ISI-MIROIR

Designed to be installed both during construction or renovation, it reduces the cost of creating an infinity pool and adapts to all swimming pool structures.  The level adjustment system makes it simple and rapid to install.

Moreover, the quality of the filter in the ISI-MIROIR system helps to reduce the use of maintenance products.
A system that makes it easy to estimate the cost of an infinity pool.


Piscine Miroir AB POOL