The Fitness Spa from Aquavia Spa is billed as the most compact swim spa on the market.  Measuring 4 meters long and 2.30 meters wide, it offers two spacious sections, the first designed for swimming and aquafitness, and the second for hydro-massages to create a complete spa.


Fitness Spa


The first section is fitted with two stainless steel bars, ideally suited for exercises requiring balance, and 4 powerful water jets to indulge in swimming or walking against the current.  The second spa section consists of two seats, a recliner and a vertical massage column to complement the hydro-massages.

This swim spa comes with a fitness pack including:

• A pole with a harness for swimming: a spa accessory easy to install in the spa to swim comfortably without worrying about bumping against the wall of the swim spa;

• Elastic bands for fitness exercises, to be fixed to the stainless steel bars and combine
in various positions;

• Oars: to exercise the upper body in a rowing position.

The spa can be supplied with additional EcoSpa insulation (highly recommended for this type of product) and a Bluetooth Surround Audio option.




aquavia spa fitness en situation


aquavia spa fitness