BADU Block Multi




The BADU Block Multi by Speck Pumpen is completely made from technically high-performance plastic and suitable for all kinds of swimming pool water with any treatment.


Its volute casing, impeller and filter housing is also made of plastic, so that the wetted parts are constantly robust, shock-resistant, break-proof, maintenance-free and economical.


The surface qualities ensure a permanently improved rate of efficiency and the pump is corrosion-resistant. Its resistance was tested in a series of practical experiments whose results show that the plastic has an unlimited field of application, even with high brine concentrations.
The pump can be designed individually according to the customer’s needs and can also be offered with three different motors.

Thanks to its construction, dimensions and capacity, BADU Block Multi can easily replace the BADU Block cast iron pump. The manufacturer has also extended its range of plastic filter housings to accommodate this high-performance plastic pump. The range is now available for the 32, 40, 50 and 65 series.