In its Climexel Universe, dedicated to Heating and Dehumidification, PROCOPI proposes the CLIMEXEL Inverter heat pumps, from the Power Inverter range, with «Power Inverter» and «ZUBADAN» technologies. 


Unlike heat pumps for pools that switch on and off, they help to conserve nearly 80% of their heat output with an external ambient temperature that can descend to -15° C.


They are high performance, in terms of low noise levels at low speeds and in terms of optimized output. 


Several power capacities are proposed in the range, to be able to equip every kind of pool.


Two new models appear in 2015, powered in 8 and 10 kW, with COP of 6.2 and 6.3 at cruising speed (Step 4 on 7).


The company has also completely renewed its range of spas, through its new Thalao spas incorporating many new features.


They feature new tanks declined in 7 colours, with 3 available colours for composite cladding and 2 of natural oiled wood.

They are equipped as standard with new filtration plate, a touch screen and a 2-steps stairway, a multicolored LED spotlight, an isothermal cover, stainless steel rotary and bi-rotary nozzles. As option, they can be equipped with chromotherapy, waterfall, MicroSilk aerotherapy (by effervescent micro-bubbles of oxygen) and 2 foot nozzles in the berths, aromatherapy, and remote plate kit.

Available in versions that accommodate 2, 3 or 4 people, with 1 or 2 berths.



thalao spa

Thalao spa

As far as covers are concerned, EVODECK, model from the Delta range, has an adjustable limit switch and a motor that can be disengaged.  

The semi-manual version is scalable to a motorized solution. The reduction box is integrated in its flange and is available in several colours (moulded anti-corrosion part), like its casing. 


In the motorized version, the reduction box can be recuperated. Its detachable motor runs at a torque of 250 Nm, with an ultra-quiet gear motor integrated in the terminal (Aquamat technology).  






The entire collection is brought together in its new «Brand Universe», representing five product families, around its five brands: Aquareva, for Construction & Renovation; Delta, for Protection and Safety; CLIMEXEL, for Heating & Dehumidification; Label Bleu, for Water Treatment & Maintenance; and Thalao for Well-being. 

These five brands can be easily spotted in a store with their own packaging and logo, and are easy to recognise in a sales point.