OxymaticOXYMATIC® is an environment-friendly treatment for water that uses a technology protected by an international patent: ABOT (Advanced Bi-polar Oxidation Technology). This technology was developed by Hydrover, an innovative company based in Madrid, specializing in ecological water treatments.


Its products are also distributed in France, Benelux region, Russia, Italy, Israel, Ecuador, etc. The method uses water hydrolysis and residual copper ionization to treat water ecologically. Copper is known for its biocidal action and is therefore an excellent algaecide/bactericide.


Combined with the ionization of residual copper (for a few minutes a day), these treatments form a "pair" where each one reinforces the other. (If the pool has a liner, copper ionization may be replaced by an automatic injection of residual peroxide).


The process is not only environment-friendly, but it also protects, in addition to safe and clear water, the health and comfort of the swimmer, as it does not use chlorine, salt or other chemical oxidants.


Furthermore, OXYMATIC considerably reduces energy consumption. Firstly, it consumes only 5 to 15 watts per hour, and secondly, it allows you to programme all functions of the pool: monitoring of water clarity, pH, temperature, lighting, electrical appliances for automatic cleaning, covers, pool heating, etc.


Its electronics continually adjust the disinfection and pH level of the water. This ecological system is also used in other areas of water treatment: drinking water, wastewater, irrigation and cooling towers.


Several spas, pools in the private and public sector, and the hotel industry all over the world have been using this system. The Official Council of Andalusia and Madrid has also recognized it as an environment-friendly system for the treatment of water in fountains and public swimming pools.