spa H575The Hydropool H575 spa features the latest generation, patented, «self-cleaning» system of filtration. It suctions the deposits at the bottom and treats the surface of the water. This system helps to clean all the water every 15 minutes.


This model is also equipped with the latest technological features in terms of well-being. The ‘Intelligent Massage’ guarantees the therapeutic value of the spa.  The new generation hydrotherapy jets are fitted according to the needs of the client.  The new integrated Volcano high-speed jet also offers a deep massage.


Hydropool has obtained the Hydrowise 2007 label thanks to the low power consumption of its spas. This certification results from the use of low-consumption motors, an optimized hydraulic system and the patented ThermoLoc insulation system. 


The spa is also available in the «split» version, making it the only model available on the market that comes in two parts to be assembled on site, an ideal solution for installing a fully-functional spa in hard-to-access areas.


The new pumps that equip the brand’s spas furthers the company’s continuing commitment to «green» technologies, with more reliable motors for better performance, all of which comply with its «Evergreen» commitment for environmental protection.


spa H575 spa H575