HYDR-U.V. is the latest addition to the ultraviolet ray reactor line for private pools, available from France's AOA Industries. Equipped with a luminosity diffuser, this light compact product has one of the best quality/price ratios when you consider its technical characteristics:


  •  a special non-corroding PVC body
  •  a flow diffuser
  •  an encapsulated electronic ballast (energy savings and better intensity performance)
  •  light indicator for the lamp
  •  on/off switch with an "on" light indicator
  •  double protection (overvoltage & excessive intensity)
  •  cellular lamp equipment (lamp + quartz cast in one piece) which is an AOA innovation
  • 10,000 hours of efficient usage
  •  optional wall clips
  •  Guarantee : 5-years on the PVC body

Schéma Hydr-UV