The Kolos spa
Aqua Dolce introduces Kolos, the very latest spa which is original in terms of design and is particularly well suited for relaxing social events due to its impressive dimensions and features.

Kolos offers 8 different massage seats including 2 lounger seats, 2 Therapy Dream Collars, 1 multi-jet Volcano 360 ° dome, 4 fountain jets and 104 chrome jets in total; providing optimal therapeutic massage and the means to entertain friends and family for hours.

Sturdy and maintenance-free

Every Aqua Doce spa shell is made from genuine Microban™ coated Lucite ™ acrylic and is reinforced with a dual-protected resin coating to ensure strength and to inhibit stains.

Illuminate your nightlife with the Digital Accent Chromo Lighting system. Colours can be blended, cycled or sustained to provide extra relaxation benefits.

Aqua Dolce ™ offers a choice of 7 different shell colors and 3 different types of maintenance free cabinets.

Every Aqua Dolce spa comes standard with a robust custom-fitted cover to match the spa’s cabinet, designed to prevent heat loss.