Diffaroc Bloc technique
Technical block large model
Top: 1,68 m X 1,65 m X H 0,90 m
Bottom : 1,62 X 1,62 m X H 0,45 m

The French company Diffaroc is specialized in the creation of decorations in reconstituted rock. These blocks of stones, which are perfectly integrated in the landscape, add style to the surrounding area of a swimming pool.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, these rocks can also discretely contain the testing devices of the swimming pool: the hollow rock is opened with the means of a jack and gives access to the buried technical room.

These blocks are made out of “polyester resin” armed with glass fibres.

The manufacturer offers a whole range of ready to install models.

Many sizes, shapes and colours are available, but it can also produce customized elements: canyons, caves, cliffs…