Products and equipment

Automatic cover with a submerged tube motor
Stairs without concrete forms
New generation of Nitro robots
The SCP Europe Company is the exclusive distributor of cleaning robots of Nitro brand that are recognized for their easy use and high performance. 2010 onwards, SCP Europe will increase its offer by proposing two new models that will have special functions.
Aquachek strips stand small
A new small-footprint floor stand display designed to showcase the AquaChek range of pool and spa test strips is now available manufacturer Hach Company.Using only just over one square foot (approximately 0.1 square metre) of floor space,
 Multifunction portable meter
German company Tintometer GmbH introduces the SensoDirect 150. This new device allows logging crucial electro-chemical parameters covering drinking water, effluent, cooling water and boiler feed water with a single, hand-held measurement unit.
"Yellow Pine" wooden pool
With “Yellow Pine”, Debes & Wunder are showcasing a new wooden pool series made of genuine pinewood which is specially cultivated for this purpose. Glass fibre reinforced sections above and below to support wood panels which are approx. 5cm thick and approx.
New spring elements for lounging
Uncomfortable hard lounging and sitting in saunas and infra-red cabins must no longer be a fact of life: Lounging/seat ledges can be mounted with two Eliga spring elements in order to ensure that seat ledges are perfectly adapted to the body shape.
A-Pool dosing panel  AQUA
The A-Pool System PH-CL dosing panel AQUA, Italian manufacturer of regulation systems, is simple to install and provided with all the necessary components to complete and set up the unit to start dosing chemicals. This complete dosing system is meant for pools up to 400 m3. It has an
"All-In-One-Box" spa water care kits
Splash Spas UK Ltd has developed two complete water treatment kits based on the proven, American developed, ecoONE enzyme product. This successful product has been packaged in kit form to provide a handy and complete solution for spa water care.
Portable salt chlorine generator
Aquatron introduces the Saltron Retro, an innovative portable salt chlorine generator which requires almost no installation and is designed to sanitize directly in the pool. The system is completely independent and does not rely on the main pump system to function.
Solar swimming pool heating system
The German designed and manufactured swimming pool heating systems SOLAR-RIPP are made specifically for each installation. The solar collecting tubing is supplied in long rolls that are cut to size, and then mounted into support frames.
AquaChek takes a dip
Hach Company, the manufacturer of AquaChek Pool & Spa Test Strips, has announced three individual one-dip water testers: AquaChek Cyanuric Acid, AquaChek Total Dissolved Solids and AquaChek Total Hardness.
AstralPool presents Victoria Dual Speed, the economic and environmentally friendly two-in-one pump for swimming pools
AstralPool launches Victoria Dual Speed, a dual-speed pump which makes it possible to adapt water circulation to the specific needs of each pool. The equipment’s operating time and volume are regulated by ing the pump operation speed, guaranteeing the lowest possible energy consumption
New range of EcoSalt and ProMATIC salt water chlorination units by Monarch Pool Systems
With 33 years experience in salt water chlorination, Monarch Pool Systems, a world leader in this field, launches in 2010 its new range of ProMATIC and EcoSalt units in Europe.
Ocea proposes “customized” transparent pool cover slats
In addition to its large choice of colors already available, the Ocea range Belgian manufacturer Aqua Technology now proposes “customized” transparent or translucent slats for pool covers.