Golden Coast is the largest independent UK distributor of swimming pool components. Pollet Pool Group consists of 9 distribution companies and two manufacturers. Together with the group's current office, PPG UK/Ireland, Pollet Pool Group is thus firmly expanding its UK operations.

The international Pollet Pool Group acquires the swimming pool specialist Golden Coast in Devon, UK

After 45 years as an independent distributor to the wet leisure industry in the UK, Golden Coast is to become part of the Pollet Pool Group. Golden Coast's strength in the industry combined with its commitment to innovation, knowledge and customer service make an ideal fit for PPG. Golden Coast's reputation in the UK is second to none and its commitment to customer service is a reflection of PPG's own commitment to supporting their core market across Europe.

There is also a remarkable similarity in the way that the two companies are owned and structured. Both Golden Coast and the Pollet Group are family run businesses now on their second generation. Both businesses support the impact that new technology can have on the wet leisure industry and share some common suppliers; typically those with innovative products such as EVA, Speck and PoolCop. Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast: "Our customer service is tailored to each individual customer. Our sales and service teams always put the needs of the customer first. From technical product knowledge to marketing know-how, we gladly train our dealers and share knowledge that can contribute to the success of their business."

Golden Coast was chosen by PPG due to their good standing in the industry, access to key product brands and an industry leading team of staff who possess the knowledge and technical know-how to run a great business and support their customers. Golden Coast will be part of the Pollet Pool Group, but will maintain their own identity and continue to trade as Golden Coast and work together as #TeamGC.  "This is a dynamic move to support future growth!" As Jamie Adams says, "Being part of a strong international group allows us to develop and grow both companies, PPG UK/Ireland and Golden Coast."

Jeroen Van Wauwe, CEO Pollet Pool Group: "After our first steps in the UK Pool market through Kennet Water (part of Pollet Water Group), PPG UK/Ireland was founded in 2015. We soon discovered that the UK market is different from other European countries. A different type of pools are the high runners compared to our European market, the focus is on slightly different products, the legislation differs, etc. But the experience of the past years taught us above all that the UK is a market with enormous potential. The dynamic team of PPG UK/Ireland did a great job in a very short time.

When opportunities arose to work with Golden Coast, we did not hesitate for a second. The company has the typical family character that suits us 100%, but above all they have an excellent reputation in the market and tons of experience. Moreover, we share a lot of common suppliers such as EVA, Propulsion, Speck, PoolCop,... Golden Coast brings extra knowledge to the table to offer even better support for all our customers. The core values match 100% with how the PPG companies distinguish themselves from the rest on the mainland.

PPG UK/Ireland and Golden Coast will be working very closely together from today onwards. Our aim is to become one joint company with two locations in the UK from the beginning of next year: one in Newbury and one in Barnstaple. The concrete set-up will be worked out in the coming months. In the meantime, nothing will change for the customers of both companies. We are convinced that with our combined product offering, our bundled strengths and in this new set-up, we will become an even more attractive partner for every UK Pool builder"

Pollet Pool Group is part of the Pollet Group. The group, headed by Jacques Pollet and managed by Sofie Pollet, has offices in 17 countries and is active in 3 markets: the water treatment sector, the swimming pool world and the medical industry.

Pollet Water Group brings together 28 companies active in water treatment. Pollet Medical Group consists of 6 specialised medical oriented companies. Pollet Pool Group supports the swimming pool construction market with now 9 distribution companies and 2 manufacturers.

The Dutch company Aquadeck makes custom-made swimming pool covers. The Czech swimming pool manufacturer Niveko also draws the card of customisation with high-end monopools. With branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Angola and Denmark, Pollet Pool Group has a strong and internationally extensive distribution network. Recently, Golden Coast and the Danish company Welldana were added to the group.