Fluidra, the top multinational group in pools and water treatment, will control 72% of the South African company WaterLinx, the pool market leader in Africa.




In South Africa, WaterLinx has a market share of more than 30%, with sales of 32 million euros. The company has four production centers and ten sales branches located throughout South Africa.
South Africa is the sixth largest market for pools in the world, with nearly 800,000 residential pools and 2,000 public pools. Thanks to this operation, Fluidra is moving forward in Africa, and in South Africa more specifically, where it will be promoting the sale of value-added products for private pools, as well as the commercial pool and irrigation areas. The country is also a gateway for other markets on that continent, because it has a major influence on the countries around it, like Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, as well as all of the other Sub-Saharan countries.
South Africa is the most modern and advanced economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for 23% of the continent's GDP. With a population of 52 million people, the country is experiencing a rise in its middle class and has become one of the BRICS countries with the greatest growth potential, as well as the only African country forming part of the G20.
Fluidra opened its first affiliate in this country in 2009, with sales branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town. In Africa, Fluidra also has own presence in Morocco and Egypt.
This operation confirms Fluidra's strength and leadership in international markets.
Fluidra operates in 44 countries by way of 150 branches and production centreslocated in the main markets. Fluidra products are distributed to more than 170countries due to an extensive sales network. The group has some 4,100 employees.