All the tools and benefits that go into Pentair's PIP fidelity programme enable its members, pool builders, dealers and service providers to sustainably develop their activity.

Benefits of the Pentair's PIP fidelity programme

Hundreds of pool professionals already benefit from the programme's advantages:

  • Numerous rewards: professionals can recover up to 7% of the price paid for PIP equipment in points. The points accumulated by scanning the products eligible for the programme can then be used in a gift catalogue. The virtual boutique numbers over 2000 articles and gift cards!
  • The Dealer Locator for each member: all PIP members are referenced in the Dealer Locator, the online prospect localisation tool for Pentair dealers.
  • Free training: access to a new portal dedicated to online training. It offers courses on the key products and over 15 live annual events in Europe.
  • The warranty of a product in the programme is easy to activate via the Pentair Scan mobile app.

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