The premium counter swim unit BADU JET Turbo by Speck Pumpne - who also launched the world premiere swimming pool pump made from organic plastic -  combines innovative technology with elegant design in the well-proven BADU quality "Made in Germany".

Swimming is more than just moving in water 

The benefits of propeller technology for counter-current swimming in swimming pools

 With a more compact design it is perfect for leisure and relaxation swimming. The flow-optimised and efficient propeller technology creates an even, smooth flow pattern and thus provides a very natural swimming experience very close to the real open-water feeling. The output of the BADU JET Turbo can be regulated up to a maximum flow rate of 250 m³/h and specifically adjusted via a remote control or the integrated piezo switch.

Badu Jet Turbo - scheme of the water flow

A special highlight: The buttons light up in a colour corresponding to the selected power, so that the current setting out of the 7 different power levels can be identified during swimming. There is a choice of panels for the pool side made of high-quality polished stainless steel in two different designs that blend seamlessly into exclusively designed pool units without disturbing the aesthetics of the pool.

In addition to a neat design, the counter swim is also perfectly safe.
Compliant with relevant safety standards and certified with the TÜV*'s seal of approval, it guarantees safe swimming fun for the whole family. Moreover, all electrical components are hermetically separated from the pool water guaranteeing that no electricity can get into the pool. The system is operated with alternating current to make it fit for international use. The BADU Jet Turbo offers an upgrade for every pool and provides an endless swimming experience without turns.

*TÜV/GS pending approval