The new IntelliFlo VSF variable speed pumps can be found at the PENTAIR stand. Firstly, they boast improvements on the second generation of IntelliFlo VSD2 pumps, namely, improved performance, simplified menu management and a swivel keyboard with an optional wall-mounting kit.


Next, this new version also stands out with its capacity to maintain a constant flow, without the use of a flow meter, a new feature patented by Pentair. This allows the volume of water to be constantly renewed. The filtration has also been optimised, so has the heating performance and water treatment. This constant flow also offers pool owners the chance to enjoy regular water displays. Similarly to speed governors in modern cars, these new pumps maintain their set flow rate by adapting to changing conditions.

intelliflo PENTAIR

While conventional variable speed pumps are adjusted to turn more quickly than necessary at the start of their filtration cycle, therefore offsetting the subsequent drop in flow when debris builds up in the filter, IntelliFlo VSF pumps adjust their flow throughout the cycle in order to minimise their power consumption.

There are two models in the range: the WhisperFlo VSF for residential swimming pools and the Sta-Rite 5PXF VSF with its 75 or 90 mm connectors for communal pools.

This range is part of the TradeGrade product family, sold exclusively to professionals, which therefore comes with:
• An extended 1-year warranty, making it 4 years in total;
• 100 extra PIP points, for a total of 350 points;
• The benefits of the PIP Scanner app with many tutorial videos.





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