Products and equipment

Single-dip tests for free chlorine
The AquaChek Pro 5-way test strips and AquaChek Silver 7-way test strips both feature a new 20ppm colour block for free chlorine. The products now test for free chlorine at levels of 0, 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20ppm, and AquaChek says the 20ppm colour block is the highest available on a pool and spa...
Lotus-flower floating light for swimming pools and spas
The Lotus-flower pool light is ideal for pools, poolsides and spas, or simply as playful garden decoration: it enhances the mood of any environment with 3 warm colours for beautiful decoration. It features a light-sensor which makes the coloured LED lights automatically turn on at dusk,
Water level regulation system
The Modul’Eau, a new product for 2009 French company WA Conception, is a water level regulation system that ensures water levels are always kept at the required height (determined by a sensor in the pool), and detects any problems with the refill.
SpaFrance range
The SpaFrance brand is introducing a new range of 4 spas ( 3 to 7 seats), available both as portable and in-ground. They have been designed with the filtration plate placed under the steps, thus providing direct access to the technical unit.
A complete range for pool cleaning
Strengthened by its widely-known notoriety in the United States, the Dirt Devil brand is diversifying into more than 8 models for pool cleaning. Five hydraulic cleaners (membrane and hammer) for free-standing and sunken pools offer solutions for all types of pools and budgets.
Prestige Above Ground motorized shutter-type cover
The Prestige Above Ground shutter-type cover A.P.F. with its motor located in the shaft presents a balanced aesthetic and exceptional design which adapts fully to the pool environment.
Nordia Sun infra red cabin
SCP offers exclusively the Nordia Sun infra red cabin. It is made of heating panels covered with CarbonFlex which brings uniform heat, whatever the position of the user inside. A ceramics floor is included: there is thus no need to arrange the ground to accommodate the apparatus.
New display for Stérylane Liner
Launched in 2008 by the Camylle Laboratories, the magic Stérylane Liner sponge has enjoyed enormous success amongst pool owners, having proven to be extremely efficient.
Nettuno Plus, the battery-operated cleaner
Nettuno Plus is the first automatic cleaner in the world to be operated using NINh batteries. It is protected by an exclusive European patent International Caratti and can independently clean pools of up to 20 x 10 m.
Is your water over-stabilized?
The little red hth guide This small 12-page guide is meant for the owners of residential pools.
New spa Futura 40
« Made in Cemi » pool range
Cemi has created Suitegarden, a new range of prefabricated pools that is both elegant and quick to install. These pools are put in using the Easy and Fast Plus method and consist of modular panels in hot galvanised steel, which when fixed together form the walls of the pool.
BIO-UV : new pH control
Delta pH, the new automatic pH control BIO-UV, offers all the same benefits of a larger model. Its small size makes it ideal for residential pools and spas and very quick to install.
Compact chlorine and pH regulator
Pool Technologie adds a new compact and efficient system to its line: Justdosing® Redox, a regulator which manages on its own the control and regulation of chlorine and pH of pool water.