Products and equipment

Biscayne spa
The latest model PDC Spas, Biscayne, was designed for five people - 4 very comfortable seats with armrests and 1 couchette. Equipped with PDC’s original air system, in which the air channel is moulded into the Spa, it has 3 massage pumps, two ion valves and a special illuminated...
Access-B1 elevator, for a more accessible pool
The Blautec company now markets a hydraulic elevator which provides pool access to people with reduced mobility. The model is ACCESS-B1: it provides easier handling, greater user autonomy and it adapts itself better to different types of pools.
Luxurious commercial spas
Two new spas were added to the ComfortCLUB Spa series Czech manufacturer USSPA: the Arena and Polo models which feature elegant lines with pure lines and are bordered with an overflow channel. They have a wide application range: they can offer relaxation as well as entertainment to hotel guests or...
SensoDirect Salt110, new salt tester
German manufacturer Tintometer introduces SensoDirect Salt110, a new salt tester. Salt content is of great importance in many applications: pools, thermal baths, brine and mineral baths and in any pools where sea-water is used.
LED bulbs for swimming pool lighting
WA Conception, designer and manufacturer of cabinets, armoires and automatic electric controls introduces its new LED bulbs for swimming pool lighting. Thanks to this new, very low energy consumption technology, these new LED bulbs can be installed without any renovation or modification of the...
Optimum, a round spa distributed by Aqua E
Optimum, Prestige Spas, distributed by AQUA E, is a round spa measuring 2.11 m in diameter x 0.97 m in height. Equipped with 27 massage nozzles with two massage pumps, it provides the original PDC air system with an air channel moulded into the spa.
Aquatic massager  Dimension One Spas
Enjoyed alone or with partners, the Swan aquatic massager by Dimension One Spas innovates in the therapeutic wellness sector. With 5 feet of hose, this device delivers its soothing relief wherever it is desired. The ergonomic, durable, one-piece massager
Futuristic design
The Rubic sauna Finnish manufacturer Harvia unites metal, wood and glass to create a harmonious whole with a cubical design. The outside panels and the materials used on the interior are available in several woods: aspen, alder, or heat-treated wood.
UV-Ozone-combined process for water maintenance
The company Wapotec has developed a UV/ozone combined process, which combines the modes of operation of UV and ozone technology. The «SOL-UV» Wapox devices guarantee a fast killing-off of germs in water within a few seconds of irradiation.
Salt electrolysers
AstralPool is adding the new AstralPool Chlore line, designed for residential pools, to its current line of salt electrolysers. Featuring three different models, the AstralPool Chlore Smart is at the bottom of the line, Smart + is in the middle of the line and Elite is at the top of the line.
Spa fragrance
Smartpool’s innovating pills brings another dimension of the spa experience to spa owners. Sparoma contains an assortment of fragrances with the added benefit of enzyme technology in easy to use time release capsules.