Products and equipment

New Nestor robots
Efficient, straight-forward and economical, the two new Nestor robots Mareva are designed for basins up to 90 m3 and adjust to all pool designs and surfaces. Wall and waterline cleaning is ensured by a high-traction PVA brush roll with suction power of 16 m3/h.
Dead Sea Minerals
The use of Dead Sea Minerals as a natural source for both health and pleasure has been known for thousands of years. This new product PMP Technologies and Magen eco Energy follows today’s trends on wellbeing and ecology as it combines the latest sanitizing technology with the ancient natural...
Programme of colour changing LED light
Enjoy the elegant and professional light design which is available in several different beautiful colours and in two different sizes to match exactly your demand.
Powerpac 3
PSA-Zodiac group launches Powerpac 3 - a new model of Powerpac range.
Ultra concentrated clarifier
Introducing Flovil, a complete line of swimming pool and spa products the French company Weltico. Flovil optimizes filtration action of sand filters, cartridge filters and pouch filters up to 5 microns.
Nautique Spa
Dimension One Spas® unveils its newest spa, the "Nautique" ™, which complements the "Reflections" range. Classically designed, this 7-foot by 7-foot spa comfortably seats 5 adults and holds 310 gallons of water.
Beamless grating
Technics & Applications introduces a new beamless duckboard concept in the framework of the installation of a slat cover that is immerged in a niche.
solar heaters now available in red!
OKU solar heaters for swimming-pools which prolong the bathing season, are now available in red! OKU absorbers are leaders in the field in addition to being eco-friendly and economical, they are also TÜV certified in PE-HD and...
Heat pumps
The new SumHeat heat pump range Hayward offers 4 strong powered models (14,17,19 and 24 kw). These do not need any bypass fitting (up to 23 m3/h): you can connect them directly to the water return, consequently no need to adjust the flow.
Ecological climate control
UK based manufacturer introduces Gemini, an indoor pool climate control unit which features a ‘built-in’ integral fresh air source heat pump boiler, extracting energy the outside air and directly heating both the pool water and the poolroom air.
Spa Cleaning
SpaClean Dutch manufacturer AquaFinesse is used as a flush cleaner and helps clean up a spa debris inside piping and pumps. A clean system takes care for more comfortable maintenance and reduces the need for harsh chemicals like cleaners for walls etc.
Solar Sun Rings
The new  "Modul" concept of solar heating uses flexible solar tubes
The new "Modul" concept developed by the German manufacturer, Solar-Ripp®, offers solar heating surface areas of up to 800 square feet (solar collector area). This allows heating of private swimming pools to comfortable temperatures in a CO2-neutral and resource-friendly way by solar energy.
Preserving the environment
AstralPool’s Viron line is characterised by its innovation and its respect for the environment. It features two new additions to the 2009 catalogue. First, a filter with a «CL» cartridge and a large filtration surface ( 38 to 56m²) that allows it to absorb flows as high as 48m².
Wood swimming pools
Introducing the special preview of Wood-line brand’s new line of Ocea’POOL wood swimming pools Desmet S.A. Designed to accommodate every budget, the 2009 collection brings technical (new material) and aesthetic improvements, as well as a new basin design, thus increasing model ion and quality.