Products and equipment

Technological upgrade for multi way valves
The Aquastar adapter German company Praher offers a technological upgrade to its proven 6 way technology of former generations. The automatic models such as Superstar or normal manual models of the 6 way valve with old sealing system can now easily be retrofitted with up-to-date Praher electronic...
Emulsion of essential oils for hammam
Hammam mist of French company Camylle is a very concentrated milky base that is completely water-soluble and is made an emulsion of 100% pure and natural essential oils. This product is meant for adding fragrance to the water-vapour and does not harm the technical components of hammams.
Cocoon, a brilliant idea
The double functionality of this LED light makes it a very attractive accessory. This bright, wireless, floating ( and therefore waterproof) ornament is not only perfect for your pool, but also for other areas of your garden and lounge too.
100% automatic regulation  & cost-effective
Pool Technologie has fitted the Justsalt® Duo with a Redox function, for optimal, automatic and cost-effective water treatment. The equipment produces a powerful disinfectant through electrolysing salt water and automatically regulates chlorine production using a Redox probe.
Green and cost-effective dechlorinator for pool water
French company Ocedis can provide a dechlorinator that is both cost-effective and environment-friendly. Ovy Green is a piece of equipment that enables water to be collected the pool, whenever the pool is being cleaned or emptied, to re-use for other means such as watering the garden or cleaning the...
New LED lights  Pahlén
Pahlén launches new LED lights, available in two versions: multicoloured and white. These are advanced electronic controlled lights with LED-diodes in three colours: red, green and blue. Mixing the three colours creates up to 16 different colours.
Eco-Salt : new generation of compact electrolysis device
Monarch Pool Systems Europe presents the new generation of its product called Eco-Salt. The second version of this compact electrolysis device includes a very high performance cell of shorter size with an integrated earthing system that facilitates the installation of these systems in small-sized
New brilliant swimming pool membrane Alkorplan 3000 Platinum
The manufacturer Renolit launches the new Alkorplan® 3000 Platinum membrane. Thanks to its unique properties this liner gives swimming pools a luminous and brilliant finish. Its metallic effect design combined with the exclusive products qualities offer an aesthetic and technical solution for pool
Completely flat swimming pool cover by Abrisud
The French Company Abrisud has innovated and proposes a completely flat pool cover. It has been designed with the help of a designing firm and is available in 2 versions: motorised or removable (manual). Its high-end motorised range distinguishes itself thanks to its completely modern design
Pool's presents EasySPA
In a market where a spa is no longer the sole preserve of luxury or an object found in only top-class beauty retreats, the EasySpa Italian company Pool’s is an exclusive, modern and hi-tech product, yet one which remains competitive.
Semi-circular pool-shelter for Eureka
French Company Eureka, which specializes in manufacturing swimming pool shelters since over 27 years, presents a new range of fixed and sliding curved shelters: Emeline and Tabarca series. Thanks to its curved and telescopic structure, the Tabarca telescopic shelter introduces a new concept for...
New tiles finish
The French Company Tout Pour l'Eau, which manufactures and markets a range of swimming-pool structures in kit, proposes SolidPOOL modular formwork blocks with an exclusive "Tiles" finish.
New  Kolos spa  Aqua Dolce
Aqua Dolce introduces Kolos, the very latest spa which is original in terms of design and is particularly well suited for relaxing social events due to its impressive dimensions and features. Kolos offers 8 different massage seats including 2 lounger seats, 2 Therapy Dream Collars, 1 multi-jet...
Counter-current stainless steel pool
Vitaswim Belgian company LPW is a 316 quality stainless steel pool equipped with a counter-current jet stream. Measuring 2.5 m (width) X 5.2 m (length) X 1.3 m (depth), it comes with a good amount of equipments. It includes, among others, the Swimstream® counter-current jet stream displacing
Aluminium telescopic poles appropriate for any pools
Turkish company Tüm Plastik introduces new aluminium telescopic poles. These are made of high quality anodized aluminium body. They come with indelible grip and strong pincers holder and have been designed for ergonomic usage. Their sizes are appropriate for any pools.