Products and equipment

Battery powered pool and spa vacuums
The Pool Blaster range Water Tech is strong enough to vacuum an entire pool or spa in minutes or spot clean in seconds. Those products work on any surface: concrete, tile, vinyl, or fiberglass.
Innovative Structure : flexypool®
An avant-garde solution called Flexypool® for building in-ground pools using high quality technology. Pool Garden introduces an innovative PVC modular structure, that is rigid and fastened to the base and solarium reinforcement and within which a cement pour is made:
The Pool Rover Aquatron
Hydrospin Pre-Filter
AstralPool launches Hydrospin, a hydrocyclonic pre-filter device which can be installed in filtration systems in both new and existing swimming pools. Its function is to separate sand and other particles suspended in the water.
Giugiaro Design for the new Easyfit VEE and VXE ball valves
Formatura Iniezione Polimeri (FIP) and Giugiaro Design collaborate in the development of the technology of the new Easyfit VEE VXE ball valves. FIP is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of valves and fittings in thermoplastic materials such as PVC-U, PP-H, C-PVC, PVDF, to be
New solar control unit
The German solar heating specialist for swimming pools, SOLAR-RIPP, is currently extending its range by introducing the new solar controller SRC181RO. The unit which is controlled by a micro-processor in compact design has four digital displays: current pool water temperature,
Easy Delivery
SDS Company proposes a unique product: the "Spa Delivery System". Thanks to the German Company's practical and innovative concept, this especially designed transport system lets one deliver spas easily, quickly and at a very low cost: only one person is required to load and transport the product...
Decorate the dreams you sell!
“Bean bags” is a wide range of large, multicoloured cushions for outdoor use. They come in many different shapes and provide the ultimate in comfort. You can sit on them, lie on them for a quick nap, or to read, turn them into armchairs, a bed or even a sofa bed.
Low energy fan technology
Heatstar launch an entirely new climate control unit onto the market. The new Andromeda EC30 utilises the low energy fan technology which, previously, was only available to the pool industry within their Gemini concept, and is designed specifically for domestic pools with surface pool covers.
New compact, fluorescent light tells mosquitoes to Buzz Off !
To complement its range of insect repellents, Impact is launching the Buzz Light! This energy-efficient light bulb gives out a very specific light that repels mosquitoes. It can be used both indoors and out and covers a surface area of around 15 m².
I-Pool, swimming pool control unit
Castiglione Swimming Pool proposes a latest accessory: the I-Pool control unit, a new automatic swimming pool control and management system. Thanks to its main unit with a programmable microprocessor and the possibility to have multiple controls, the device can interact with chemicals' batching...
Hardly of a long experience in the field of robots with inhalation, Hayward developed the new generation of Pool Vac Ultra Pro and Navigator Pro. Thanks to their conception hydrodynamics and their propulsion by turbine, Vac Ultra Pro pool and Navigator Pro operate silently and without jolts.
WAVE LOUNGE: a complete wellness salon
The new Italian company IFC (International Friends Corporate) had introduced a new wellness concept during the last Barcelona Fair. WAVE LOUNGE is a relaxation salon thanks to which its occupants, club-members, can completely disconnect the external world to enter a universe of aesthetics.
Glass mosaics decorative tiling
EZARRI, the Spanish manufacturer and distributor of decorative tiling, launches new collections characterised by their high quality, great versatility and the natural beauty of glass mosaics. This material benefits several specificities: natural sparkle, variety of colours and textures, easy to...
DELTA UV range of water treatment systems
The American company Delta UV, subsidiary of BIO-UV, proposes a competitive range of water treatment systems for private swimming-pools and spas.