Two SpaTime kits for easy spa maintenance

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The range of SpaTime cleaning and maintenance products from BAYROL helps in maintaining good water quality in the spa.

Now proposed as a kit, this solution is available in two disinfection methods, each containing the essential products for maintaining clear and healthy water.


Kit Brome BAYROL

Kit brome

The Bromine kit includes:
Test strips used to determine pH and bromine levels, alkalinity and water hardness.
• The “pH Moins” for lowering the pH, which has to remain between
7.0 and 7.6.
• Slow dissolving bromine tablets, for continuous disinfection of spa water, odourless and long lasting.
• Antifoam additive to prevent the formation of foam on the surface
of the water.

The clarifier that prevents problems of cloudy water in the spa.

The Active Oxygen kit contains:
• Test strips to determine pH and active oxygen levels, alkalinity and water hardness.
• The “pH Moins” to lower the pH level if the level is too high.
• Active Oxygen granules to ensure gentle disinfection, without chlorine.
• An Active Oxygen Activator, to optimize the effectiveness of active oxygen.
• A Clarifier, to prevent problems of cloudy water in the spa.






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