Products and equipment
Clean the pool filter in depth with the Clean Filter Tab effervescent tablet
To clean the pool filter in depth, the Clean Filter Tab effervescent tablet provides a concentrated formulation, defeating limestone. It is very easy to clean a cartridge filter, sand, glass, zeolite with 3 or 4 tablets during the season. Its use also avoids limescale deposits on pool equipment.
New Backstroke Start Ledge for swimming pool by ANTI WAVE
The new Anti Wave backstroke start Ledge is easy to use as a strating device for swimmers in swimming pool. It includes 5 point manual height adjustment and is suitable for connection to all standard starting blocks including anti Wave starting Blocks. Its meets FINA FR 2.10 Regulations and is...
The PIP Scanner mobile app by Pentair for swimming pool
Pentair is upgrading the PIP Scanner app to help professionals sell and maintain its products, simplifying their daily work. This mobile app is available on all products with PIP points, which will feature PIP Codes to scan.
2019 developments of Pleatco filter cartridges for swimming pools and spas
For the filtration of swimming pools and spas, the filter cartridges made with Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration FabricTMcontinue to evolve  into new, even more efficient cartridges. The Pleatco Advanced UltraTMare based on innovative technology "Pleatco Pure PleatTM" providing superior...
Fully automated pool treatment solutions by Pool Technologie
For automated water treatment in swimming pools, the Premium range from Pool Technologie offers three smart and fully automated dosing solutions for optimum convenience.
The Garden PAC Inver Tech pool heat pump switches to R32 fluid
Available from SCP, the Garden PAC Inver Tech pool heat pump is being adapted to European regulations on refrigerants (F-Gas) and is now equipped with R32 fluid. This heat pump is fitted with Full-Inverter® technology. So it is quieter and more economical. The WiFi option allows for real-time...
ZEN'IT, the bench-chest from ASTRALPOOL, to house the automatic pool cover
ASTRALPOOL proposes an aesthetic and practical bench-chest to house the axis of all the automatic covers for swimming pools. ZEN'IT comes in quick mounting modular kits with thermo-lacquered aluminium, PVC or exotic wood finishes. Elegant, this bench-chest also offers storage space for the pool:...
3 lines of BWT robotic pool cleaners
To meet the expectations of pool professionals and allow them to offer their clients robotic pool cleaners that are unique to the market, Procopi offers 3 new ranges of robotic pool cleaners whose design and technical features are exclusive to BWT.
The mobile deck of AZENCO : a pool enclosure and several living spaces
Pool enclosure specialists, AZENCO, have designed and launched their new mobile Pooldeck, which can be both a pool security cover and a versatile patio for all sorts of activities. Made in France, this mobile deck is equipped with a next-generation automated system.
New Rio Grande swimspa of Wellis
The new Rio Grande swimspa of Wellis is a combination of a whole spa providing relaxation and fitness machine . Ideal for a small yard or cramped garden, the 2019 Rio Grande swimspa offers many benefits and technological advancements.
The 2019 innovations of the Jet Vag range of balneotherapy products
To boost or relax a pool according to your desires, ACIS proposes the range of products of balneotherapy and jet swim products : Jet Vag. The range has been modernized for a more design look and new technical features.  
Disinfect the pool efficiently with PUREDROP® TECHNOLOGY
Disinfect pool water simply and effectively with new range of  PUREDROP® TECHNOLOGY disinfection tablets for pools of CTX Professiona. Made  without boric acid, their action outperforms traditional tablets by around 50%.
New high-performance pool robots from scp
SCP offers new pool cleaners for different needs. They have been selected from the best pool robots made : the Zenit60 (a connected robot, active brushes, Clever Clean technology, etc.) and the PROX7, offering professional cleaning quality for commercial swimming pools.
The new Triad™ spa of Dimension One Spas for home hydrotherapy
From a wide selection of premium spa models, the Dimension One Spas brand introduces its new spa, the Triad™. This spa offers the most advanced home hydrotherapy experience with a host of advanced technologies and innovations signed D1Spas.
Smart Full-Interver Plus heat pump by PERAQUA
A pool heat pump , economical and efficient, full-inverter technology, compatible with the Loxone Aquastar Air pool control : here is the Smart Full-Interver Plus heat pump by PERAQUA.