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New Proflex 3D lacquered and non-slip lining

SCP presents, in exclusivity, the new PROFLEX 150/100 Stoneflex 3D waterproof lining, available in sand and grey. Coated with a fortified varnish, protecting it even better from abrasion and stains,...
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OKU solar heating – and the sun does the work

OKU has improved their solar heating system for pools. As heating a swimming pool using conventional means of energy can be costly and is also a load on the environment, OKU focuses on solar energy....
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Keywords : oku, solar, heating, system, exhibition, lyon, pool,

New AstraPool website for the general public

The new AstralPool website ( features a more intuitive design for individuals and professionals to easily find the information they need. Whether it's someone who wants a pool...
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Keywords : fluidra, astralpool, pool, equipment, website, product, database,

VOILE PLAGE by Piscine Plage®

After Easy Balnéo and Easy Nage, Piscine Plage® – established in 2010 and already the recipient of 2 innovation awards – is innovating once more with this particularly clever and well designed...
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Keywords : piscine, plage, innovation, shade, sail, movable,

The creator of reinforced PVC proposes a complete range

The German company DLW delifol, creator of reinforced PVC, proposes a range of 27 colours and decorations for reinforced 150/100 membrane, in top quality unvarnished PVC. This exclusive concept...
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Keywords : dlw, delifol, pvc, reinforced, range, lyon,

Vacuum metering system for chlorine gas DULCO Vaq

With the DULCO®Vaq, ProMinent offers a vacuum metering system for chlorine gas that combines safety with efficiency. The system is designed for disinfection of drinking water, swimming pool water,...
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Keywords : prominent, pool, water, treatment, chlorine, gas, metering,

Automatic chemical dosing helps owners and managers keep water clean and...

Tests carried out by the University of Alberta have revealed surprisingly high urine levels in public pools and tubs. The recent study examined the extent to which people are urinating in public...
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Keywords : golden, coast, swimmingpool, automatic, chemical, dosing, crystal,

Intuitive and innovative pool water analysis

Intuitive handling is only one reason why the photometer PM 630 simplifies the analysis of water in pools and spas: the instrument is pre-programmed with 34 parameters.
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Keywords : tintometer, lovibond, pool, water, analysis, photometer, pm630,

Steamcab: the hammam super easy to install

To be installed without any structural, tiling, waterproofing or drainage work (thanks to the integrated tank for recovering condensates), this new-concept cabin is entirely prefabricated.
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Keywords : ascomat, hammam, steamcab, pool, virginia,

Sonic 5 pool cleaner by AstralPool

Sonic 5 is the combination of a hard-wearing cleaner and technology for cleaning the floor, walls and wter line of pools of up to 100 m3. This new pool cleaner combines the Gyro and Aquasmart...
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Keywords : fluidra, astralpool, pool, cleaner, sonic5, gyro, aquasmart,

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