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Logo Bayrol 90 ansIn 2017, celebrating 90-years, BAYROL reaffirms its position among the leaders in the market for pool water treatments, giving a new momentum to the chlorine tablet market.



The brand thereby intends to better satisfy the needs of its clients, distributors and end customers.


The entire range of chlorine tablets has been rationalised to give a clearer view of its offering by adjusting retail prices and revamping the packaging. 


The highlighting of products in the store was also meticulous, with new sales support tools for retailers and fully redesigned shop shelves displaying its new graphic identity!

BAyROL BatimentThe company has a turnover of 65 million euros in Europe, focused exclusively on the water treatment business and backed by a network of 70 people. 


Mastering the production of its products over 90 years, the company has its own Research & Development laboratory in Munich and ten production sites in Europe, located in France and Germany in particular. 


As one of the few European manufacturers in the pool water treatment market, the enterprise produces 25,000 tons of products annually.



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Learn more:
Contacter BAYROL FRANCE [email protected]
Site de l'auteur http://www.bayrol.fr , http://www.bayrol-collectivites.fr

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