How can swimming pool water be reused?

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The OVY GREEN swimming pool dechlorinator removes chlorine during cleaning, draining the pool, or even when cleaning the filter.

Why is this done? Above all, it is a stipulation of the French Public Health Code (Art. R1331-2) to neutralise chlorine before releasing swimming pool water into the environment. And the water can also be reused for watering gardens.

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The water is filtered by OVY TREFLE tablets, which are loaded into the device. They contain a specific active ingredient that neutralises chlorine (up to 10 mg/l) after a short contact time. The device is easy to install and suitable for all swimming pools, whatever filter is used.

The Ovy Green set contains: 1 bucket of 10 Ovy Trefle dechlorinating tablets, 1 10-metre outflow duct pipe, 1 pipe reducer, 1 flexible adapter, 1 tube of PVC glue, 1 hose clamp.
It is recommended to use 1 to 4 tablets in the device depending on the power of the filtration pump (max. 2 CV - see usage recommendations). 




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