In its range of automation, analysis and dosing equipment of pool water treatments, OCEDIS offers PRIZMA color regulator.




This device allows, without calibration, to automatically measure, program and adjust the chlorine and pH dosages, one, two or three times a day (depending on the choice), according to the characteristics of the pool.


Application iPRIZMAEasy to use, the device is also connected to the iPRIZMA application, which allows the user or the pool manager, from a smartphone or an iPhone, to view and modify the treatment parameters.


From the free application, it is possible to perform a water quality test in one step, follow the parameters in the form of graphs, obtain real-time reports and access advice on the treatment of the water.

Several configurations are possible :
•  The “standard” PRIZMA with dosing of chlorine and pH by two peristaltic metering pumps;
•  The PRIZMA with a pH pump, and: an external chlorine dosing pump, a solenoid valve on a slow chlorine metering device, or a brominator, or a salt chlorinator.


The automated treatment cycle is thus perfectly adapted to the needs of the controlled basin.