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ICO is one of those small, connected devices which swimming pools will soon find indispensable. Artificial intelligence placed at the service of water treatment!  It measures, analyses, anticipates and formulates suggestions, and displays them on a smartphone.





Its goal: to disinfect and balance pool water and optimise the use of treatment products.  This device has the advantage of being able to connect using various configurations:  WiFi, Sigfox network (depending on zone coverage, 12-month subscription included), or Bluetooth.

With its integrated sensors, ICO takes readings of water temperature, pH, ORP, conductivity / salt levels.  Compatible with a cover, it is simply placed in the pool, or in the skimmer, from where it starts monitoring the pool.  The private individual, like the professional in charge of maintenance, receive messages and alerts on their smartphones.

The pool manager then has only to follow the recommendations for products intended for the rebalancing of the water when necessary.  He is able to monitor several swimming pools in real time and optimise his time management and activities.  Connected to its interface, he can thus easily anticipate problems, track the maintenance of each pool he is responsible for and easily organize his actions.  A tool that boosts customer relations and loyalty.

This device is UV treated and with its rechargeable battery (USB charger included) functions for 6 months.

The sensors are covered by a 2-year guarantee.



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