New elite® 1.5 mm membrane solves waterline stain problem in swimming pools

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The German manufacturer of high quality reinforced swimming pool membranes, Elbtal Plastics, introduces its new 150/100 reinforced membrane, elite®, available in Artic White, Sand Beach, Deep Sea and Blue Sky.


This one is equipped with a special surface that prevents penetration of sun creams, cosmetics and other chemicals, into the membrane.


Those products are known to cause discoloration or stains under the effect of UV radiation, especially at the waterline.


membrane armée Elite de ELBTAL Plastics Membrane ELITE de ELBTAL Plastics

According to Elbtal Plastics, tests show that elite´s® stain resistance is 300% better than the competition.


This novelty carries a Stain resistant 5 years Warranty, a Chlorine Resistant 5 years Warranty, and a 15 years Water Tightness Warranty.

In addition, the manufacturer prides itself on being the first in the market to offer a phthalate-free membrane with elite®. The chemical phthalate, widely used in products for half a century, is replaced.



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Seen on PISCINE GLOBAL 2016 exhibition in LYON




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