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Cost-free heating with the Solar-Rapid® heating system from ROOS
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The Freizeitanlagen Roos GmbH company was founded in 1973. Initially, its production was restricted to equipment for swimming pools. However, its Director, Franz ROOS, soon realized that thermo-solar pool heating systems added considerably to the pleasure of swimming in his own pool.

ROOS® has been installing its thermo-solar heating systems for swimming pools since 1979. Much to the satisfaction of their owners, they still serve to heat swimming pools today.

The experiences acquired by the company are analysed constantly and have fostered the development and improvement of the ROOS® thermo-solar systems. This on-going process, was accompanied by the registration of several international patents. As a creator-developer, Franz ROOS has always attached the greatest importance to heat output and the robustness of the material.

Since March 2010, the ROOS Solar-Rapid® collector has been granted European approval. The European testing laboratory, CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction), subjected the Solar-Rapid® collector to a battery of tests and acknowledged its outstanding reliability and durability, and also a remarkable output of 91.3%.

The ROOS thermo-solar heating system is now used in several countries all over the world. We are pursuing our efforts for the distribution of this proven product and would indeed be glad if you too could achieve a high turnover with the ROOS® thermo-solar pool heating system.

New: a made-to-measure collector that helps to heat the pool even more efficiently.

The Solar-Rapid® collector provides truly cost-free heating; it does not require electricity, fuel, gas, or other sources of energy. Its main advantages are high heat output, ease of installation, an appealing visual appearance, and now adapting them to the layout of the site has been made even easier.

The patented collector connector, Solar-Rapid® 50, also facilitates the integration of building elements (such as skylights) in the captation area. Unlike panel-shaped collectors, for example, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice a valuable collector surface.
The Solar-Rapid® pool heating system makes use of every square centimetre to warm pool water rapidly.

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The thermo-solar unit consists mainly of three elements which are assembled in modular form: the manifolds, the binding clips, and Solar-Rapid® 25 and 50 pipes.

All the Solar-Rapid® pipes are made of high quality polypropylene. This material is highly stable when exposed to ultraviolet rays and can withstand temperatures from - 45° C to +130° C. It is resistant to usual water-treatment products and shows no sign of disintegration, even after several years [of use]. This means that this material does not stain or cause the black streaks that owners of rubber collectors so often complain about. The use of the Solar-Rapid® collectors eliminates the problem of rodents.

The collectors can be rolled up for transportation to the desired roos montagelocation. Because of this, the time needed for installation, on a roof, for example, is very little. On a sloping roof, the collector needs to be attached only at the top edge. On a flat roof, it does not require any fixations. Thats all! There is no need to paste anything. The wind passes freely through the crenellated thermo-solar pipes, so it does not cause a drag effect.

The final assembly of the collector is particularly simple and rapid thanks to the flexible Solar-Rapid® ducts and the various accessories. As the ducts are flexible, they can easily adjust to drainpipes, ledges, angled corners and bends. With the Solar-Rapid® 50, you can save installation time and hardware. Moreover, the special brackets ensure that the installation looks neat and orderly.

All the ROOS® Solar system parts fit perfectly into each other; they are all guaranteed made in Germany.