The PISCINE GLOBAL EUROPE exhibition: Why are we all heading there?

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Organisation of the 2018 edition


The PISCINE GLOBAL EUROPE exhibition showcases 4 offers: "Residential", residential pools for private use, "Commercial", for public pools, aquatic centres, hotels and open-air accommodation, "Outdoor", for pool landscaping, and "Wellness" for fitness (spas, saunas and steam rooms, fitness equipment, etc.).



Salon Piscine Global 2018

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5 themes


● DESIGNING: creating a new lifestyle around the pool, this "new room of the house"!


Supported by a constantly growing offer, designing makes it possible to personalise pool projects and give them a sense, both at the level of their function and their aesthetic brilliance.  It has become part of architectural specifications. A feature of the most important projects, pool designing has become affordable and accessible to all, thanks to the collaboration between swimming pool constructors, landscapers and architects, but also to the techniques and materials that evolve constantly.


Highlights: the Pool Design Awards Competition open to all architects, pool builders, and landscapers from around the world to reward the creativity and technical expertise of architects; the Pool Design Gallery, the Pool Summit (the Pool: the star of design) and, of course, the conferences dedicated to this theme.



Salon Piscine Global 2018



● CONVIVIALITY: at the heart of the uses

At the heart of the exhibition, as also around the pool, conviviality is omnipresent at the exhibition.  From furniture to landscaping around the pool, visitors will find, through the Outdoor offer in particular, all the information to make their pool a place for discussions, meetings and shared pleasures. This conviviality, the pleasure of being together is also reflected in the approach that the exhibitors cultivate with their customers.  Communicate one's offer differently, implement a different commercial approach, where the requirements of the customer is the starting point for all reflection.

These are questions to which pool professionals can find answers during the Pool Academy workshops!


Highlights: the Pool Party, the Beaujolais Happy Hours, the Outdoor offer, the Pool Academy (a space at the exhibition, and workshops organised to help boost the sales of swimming pools).



Salon Piscine Global

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● WELLNESS & SPORT: another approach to the pool and spa


Well-being has a prominent place at the heart of swimming pools and spas.  Their users can unwind, relax or practice a sporting activity. Over the years, pool specialists have been able to capture this booming market.  All along the alleys of Piscine Global Europe, and more specifically at the Aquafitness section and Wellness Expo, professional visitors will be able to discover and test specialised equipment.


Highlights:  the Wellness Expo to discover all the products dedicated to well-being and fitness (spas, saunas and hammams, fitness equipment, etc.), the Aquafitness Show with demonstrations of fitness and fitness products under real conditions. And, as always, conferences dedicated to this theme.



Salon Piscine Global

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● RENOVATION : a challenge to be met

The underlying trend of the pool market, it represents a very important market but with its own particular constraints.  What will you find under a 20-year-old coating?  How do you integrate new equipment into a pool that is about thirty years old?
How does one rethink and restructure a pool to give it a new lease of life?  So many questions - and many more, that will be discussed at Piscine Global Europe.
Pool Staging encompasses 4 renovation categories: like-for-like replacement, upgrading of equipment, makeovers, restructuring of the pool.




A pool in 2018 goes hand in hand with automation and the connectivity between products and solutions. The pool is not only more connected and more autonomous, but above all, its equipment gives it real added value in terms of environmental impact and energy consumption.  The energy consumption of filtration systems has thus been divided by 4 since 1980 and that of heating systems by 9 over the same period. (Source: FPP study).

Besides swimming pool functions and its equipment, the new technologies offer pool constructors new possibilities.  The use of 3D images, or even drones, enables them to accurately model a project.  Customers can then project themselves into their future pool and the act of purchasing becomes easier.


Highlights: the Pool Academy workshops, the Pool Innovations Promenade, the blog and the social networks of Piscine Global Europe to keep abreast of the news about the sector throughout the year, and conferences dedicated to this theme.




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