The range of HAYWARD EnergyLine Pro heat pumps with its 7 references meets the heating needs of swimming pools up to 200 m3 and outdoor temperatures as low as -12° C, all year round, with its «All-season» models!


HAYWARD EnergyLineProThanks to their capacities and power consumption management, these heat pumps provide heated water without breaking the bank.

Their COP is said to be between 4 and 5 and is certified NF*


Reversible, they can also cool pool water so as to protect the liners from the effects of high temperature. The ultra-quiet compressor ensures low-noise operation and the variable speed fan can run at idle in night mode for even lower sound levels.


They are equipped with touchscreens for easy user control, and can function from temperatures as low as 5°C, thanks to active defrosting.

Four new Inverter models have been launched in the series this year. They bring additional convenience to the user by adapting their power, electricity consumption and sound levels to the actual requirements of the pool.

Here again, savings meet expectations.

The EnergyLine Pro range qualify for both NF* and Eurovent* certification.
* Except for references ENP5MAS, ENP8TAS, ENP9TAS and ENP10TAS