HAYWARD’s SwimClear™ element filters provide filtration fineness in the range of 20 to 25 microns, with optimised retaining capacity.


Filtre pour piscine SwimClear d'HaywardRequiring little maintenance (once per season for a 4-element filter), they help to save water and are more environmentally friendly.


In fact, with these filters, backwashing is no longer necessary, neither is the addition of flocculants.


Furthermore, hydraulic system pressure losses are very low


Using SwimClear™ makes it even more efficient when combined with a variable speed pump, allowing owners of in-ground pools or spas to further reduce energy costs.

Thanks to its two-part design, it is very easy to reach the filter elements without dismantling the pipes.


With its compact size (when compared to its large filtration capacity) it can be installed in any machine room.

This filter is also very easy to access in case of renovation.