angle panneau solaireOKU has improved their solar heating system for pools. As heating a swimming pool using conventional means of energy can be costly and is also a load on the environment, OKU focuses on solar energy.


The company presents a new generation of their solar heating system for pools, where sustainability meets functionality and style.



panneau solaire OKUImproved efficiency by optimized turbulent flow is one of the advantages OKU points out.


In addition the OKU solar heating system comes with a reduced weight, a faster reaction time and a bursting strength up to 18 bar.


OKU says  it is a rewarding investment that is powered by the suns free energy and it is the customer´s contribution to protecting the environment. And – by the way – an alternative to the right temperature for the swimming-pool.


OKU, that has 40 years experience in the field of solar heating, has showed the new generation of solar heating systems for swimming pools at the Piscine Show in Lyon.