Piscine Urbaine is a swimming pool that is easy to live with and quick to install, anywhere!  Above ground, semi in-ground or fully in-ground, it blends into the garden decor, requiring no declaration prior to building work.  

Piscine Urbaine

Piscine Urbaine smallest model 
Interior Dim. 314 x 300 cm
Exterior Dim. 420 x 350 cm

Piscine Urbaine

Piscine Urbaine largest model

Interior Dim. 499 x 200 cm
Exterior Dim. 600 x 250 cm
With its water surface measuring less than 10 m², its standard version is still well equipped to rival even the largest pools.  Its creator, PROCOPI, has fitted it with a submerged automatic cover in light grey that matches the 75/100 liner in the same colour, an exterior 4-step wooden ladder, an interior 3-step ladder in aluminium and ABS, stationary swim elastic and a floor mat for aquatic fitness exercises under excellent conditions.
In terms of filtration and hydraulics, the compact cartridge filter plays its part as a purifier with a 4 m3 / h flow rate, aided by a skimmer and a discharge nozzle, all of which are synchronised. The equipment is managed via a control panel (electronic limit switches for the cover, filtration and LED projector), placed at the end of the pool in an optional chest, 28 mm thick.
For the aesthetic qualities of the pool, it blends discreetly into an urban environment, occupying a minimum of space, with dimensions of 4.20 x 3.50 m for the smallest model and 6.00 x 2.50 m for the largest, and a height of 1.33 m (external dimensions).  Its solid pine structure, edged by wide double pine ledges, and category 4 autoclave-treated northern pine joists of 45 cm thickness, add to the natural charm of the material.

coffre bois

Optional wooden chest

filtre à sable

Optional sand filter


Optional heat pump


Stationary swim elastic

Optionally, besides the wooden chest for managing the electrical equipment, a sand filter can be installed with a self-priming pre-filter pump and 6-way valve, a Proswell THP05np heat pump of 5 kW with a bypass and pipework for offsetting up to 9 m, allowing one to enjoy the pool for as long as possible.
Procopi offers a 10-year guarantee on the structure, white parts and liner.