Hexagone incorporates a video camera in its Chrono MP4 pool cleaner

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Chrono MP4To remain in the forefront of innovation and meet the use requirements of public and commercial pools, Hexagone has incorporated a Sony camera in its Chrono MP4 robot.

This waterproof camera, with LED and a 7-inch screen, helps to provide a solution for the new problems faced by many leisure pools that have watercourses, bridges, aquatic animations and activities, pools with movable floors - where cleaning them has become increasingly difficult.

Equipped with a "Turbo pump" system and Magellan type navigation, the Chrono robot is the best selling public pool cleaning robot in France.  These two innovations demanded years of research and effort by a team of 5 engineers.

The result is a robot that ensures rapid, efficient cleaning and good ergonomics of use.
This intelligent robot is also respectful of standards, in particular the C15-100 standard (safety regulations for electrical appliances).




écran de contrôle sur le robot

Control panel of the robot



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