Tum PlastikTüm Plastik provides Nozbart thermoplastic centrifugal 1/4 HP to 1 HP pumps, with an eccentric easy flow large pre-filter of high performance even up to half dirty (2,5 Lt).


Due to foot connection system developed by the manufacturer, dimensions are minimized; high strength, easy and convenient fixture to the ground are obtained.


Pumps are made of high quality corrosion resistant thermoplastic material reinforced with fiberglass and feature a strong transparent cover to observe filter contamination. They bring high resistance with no metal-fluid contact, no vibration and long life thanks to a full balanced impeller.


Their special electric motor equipped with fan cooling is suitable to run continuously in humid environment with all attachment parts in stainless steel. They are also designed against freezing under low temperature conditions with drain plug under filter and pump body.


Allowing high efficiency with low electrical consumption they amortize themselves in 6 months.

Pumps are certified according CE and TÜV.