Set Pool AquaThis April saw the launch of a new game that should be serious competition for volley ball in pools and at the beach!  Set Pool is 100% Made in France, already popular in Brazil.    Dreamed up by two creative friends, Set Pool is a game that requires skill and strategy, combining fun and winding-down in the water or on hard ground.

It’ll soon be summer, which means bathing and pool games with family and friends…  If your clients want to share a good time among adults or with their kids, you can recommend SET-POOL AQUA, a new game 100% Made in France that’s already a hit in Brazil; it’ll turn their pool into the place where no one ever gets bored.

A game for all ages

It consists of a ball and a foldable, easily transportable board, and is so simple and fun that anyone from 7 to 77 can play.

It has already been integrated into hip sport events such as the “Fise” – the biggest extreme sports “Free Style” competition in Europe, the “Festikite” in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, first stage of the French championship, the Beach master in Montpellier – and it’s only getting started…

Simple rulesSet Pool

The rules of the game are very simple too: there are two sides, the board in the middle, and the ball must bounce the ball onto the board as you throw it over to the other side and it mustn’t fall out of the play area. One player can hit the ball several consecutive times, and you’re allowed to pass the ball amongst your team. The winning-point is when your opponent throws the ball out of the play area or commits a foul.  


inventeurs du Set Pool

The two inventors of Set Pool, James Larmier and Philippe Pons

When the ball is thrown onto the board and it falls out of the game area without the opponent touching it, then your opponent wins the point. When the ball hits the side of the board and bounces back at you, you must carry on the game as if your opponent had sent the ball over (you and your team can now use the authorized number of hits to the ball).

You serve inside your side of the game area, at 2.50m from the board in the middle at the back by hitting the ball directly onto the game board. Each team has 5 consecutive serves. The match is played in 21 points. But the best way to work it out is to try it for yourself….


Until then, get an idea by looking at the demo videos:

Vidéo Set-Pool 1


Vidéo Set-Pool 2



A multi-surfaces version

Set Pool TT
SET-POOL AQUA can be played both in pools and in the sea. With the Multi-surfaces version, SET-POOL TT, playing on hard ground can give you other kinds of fun for other venues.

Easy to store requiring minimum space

The kit has been carefully designed so it’s very practical to store, taking up very little space and is very easy to transport. The pack consists of a foldable ABS game board, 2  straps, 1 ball, 1 pump, 2 ballast bags and 2 floats.


rangement du Set Pool

conditionnement Set Pool


Kits will be available from 15th June 2013 at an attractive price. Quantity supplied: per 30 pieces.
If you wish to distribute Set Pool or get more information:


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