mopperThe Mopper, produced since 2009 by MMP, near Toulouse, is a self-programming robotic cleaner enabling pools to be cleaned quickly: up to 380 m²/hour, regardless of the shape of the pool, steps, beach entries, deck level pools, etc.


You can choose to clean the pool bottom only or both the bottom and walls. As far as maintenance is concerned, accessing its two filter cartridges, equipped with an “anti-return” system, is made easier via the top of the device.


It is currently the only electric robot on the market working in water close to 1°C. It can be manually or electronically driven but above all, thanks to its built-in solutions, there is no need to return it to the manufacturer if there is a malfunction, thus simplifying after-sales service. Its LEROY SOMER motors come with a four-year warranty.


With regard to the development of this 100% French robotic cleaner, the company is currently looking at optimising the design and also plans to enhance the technology through investing in R&D.