Zodiac MX8Zodiac Pool Care Europe is launching the MX™8 – a new-generation, high-quality and innovative hydraulic pool cleaner – onto the European market.



This mechanical suction pool cleaner is fitted with the company’s X-trax system which enables it to pass over obstacles (such as stairs and holes at the bottom of the pool), and has improved motor function and excellent cleaning capability.


It maintains perfect contact, with all surfaces, including walls, at all times. It is designed to cover all areas of the pool, whatever shape (up to 12 x 6m) or depth, thanks to its X-Drive technology, a navigation system that is pre-programed for methodical cleaning. This system is reinforced by its ability to reverse at regular intervals, which prevents the cleaner from jamming.


The patented cleaner cyclonic vacuum technology consists in a powerful turbine with two peripheral suction fans which sweep up and collect all types of debris, and an innovative motor that uses the water flow to provide maximum rotation. The MX™8 is simple to install and is fitted with another innovation from Zodiac: its Twist-Lock patented suction hose system that provides an easy and secure connection of hoses to the cleaner head with maximum water tightness.