Renolit Alkorplan reinforced membranes are an ideal solution to guarantee the watertightness of swimming pools, as they offer toughness, flexibility, solidity and durability.




The RENOLIT company is Europe’s top producer of flexible membranes and committed to innovation and quality in all its products. RENOLIT is a groundbreaker in the development and application acrylic protection lacquer, which can be found in the uncoloured range RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000 and the printed range RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 3000.


Thanks to this protective coating, the reinforced membranes RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000 and 3000 are among the most lasting lining for swimming pools. They not only provide the best protection against UV rays, stains, scratches and biodegradation, but endure against everyday wear and tear and long-term use.


The latest development is a printed anti-slip membrane with protective lacquer, that offers a long-lasting aesthetic pool finish and security for the pool user.


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