Available for 2011 season, 2 new models of pumps IntelliFlo®: UFL-VS and SW5P6R-VS for seawater applications.


Intelliflo PentairPentair’s IntelliFlo® pumps are capable of energy saving, ease of service with their 305 programmable speeds, versatile as only one pump is needed for several applications, environmental friendly, compatible with seawater applications.


For more security, the pump will switch off when detecting blockage in suction line. When the end customer wants to add an extra application to its pool, one just has to slightly increase the motor RPM so that the pump will deliver a greater flow.


More than 100’000 units of the IntelliFlo® have been sold worldwide since 2005, showing this is a proven concept.


Pentair also announces the release of the new IntelliFlo® brochure and website www.intelliflo.eu which both will help users to understand better the benefits of the variable speed technology.