In order to make it even easier for fitters to install slatted covers and other high-end elements, the posts of its aboveground EKLIPS and SOLEO slatted covers from HYDRA SYSTEME have been fitted with PVC anchor plates.

HYDRA SYSTEME incorporated these high-resistance anchor plates in PVC in order to avoid the risk of corrosion.  One no longer needs to worry about screws that are too tight or flaking paint.  Installing the slatted covers has become childs play!

embases de poteaux pour volets hors sol en PVC


Professionals consider the installation of an aboveground slatted cover as a task that is easy and rapid, but even so, there are important rules to follow.  Fixing the posts on the pool border is one of them. The posts have to be fixed securely to the border without damaging the base by tightening the screw too much.


In general, the paint and treatment products coating the poles and anchor plates of the aboveground slatted covers serve to prevent the metal parts of the posts from corrosion. In case the base plate is damaged, the paint could flake off, exposing the metal to air and water, causing corrosion.  The corrosion might even affect the entire post over time.