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Water is the basis of life. And it also provides the basis of our company and its activities. At Tintometer we have always specialized in scientific and technological products which make water analysis not just simple but also dependable and reliable.

For over 120 years we have concentrated on 
water testing and continue to set new standards in the market. More than 150 employees are working for our customers, meeting their requirements. And achieving our vision: that research and development today will result in a better tomorrow.

Tintometer Group is one of the leading companies in the field of water analysis. Our trade-name Lovibond® is known in over 120 countries, where we offer
innovative products for the precise determination of different types of water : water in swimming pools, drinking water, waste water, 
surface and ground water, untreated water and 
effluents, through to cooling water and boiler water.

All round the world the highly-qualified and 
dedicated Tintometer team guarantees optimum equipment for any kind of water analysis. 
Our research and development department works closely with institutes in Germany, England, Switzerland and the USA. Together, we are 
constantly developing new, user-friendly water test systems which we bring to full production level in the shortest possible time.

Outstanding quality, maintained always at the highest level, forms the basis of all our work. And this applies not only to our products, which have been certified to DIN ISO 9001:2000 since 1997, but also to our service. The best proof of this is to ask ou
r customers.


Photometer MD 100

photometer md100 tintometerWith MD 100 photometer, the measurement is made with interference filters of high quality and stable over time LEDs as light source, without any moving parts in a transparent measuring chamber.

Results are obtained reproducible and accurate measurement in a minimum amount of time, not to mention the comfort in handling, ergonomic design, compact dimensions and secure handling.

Analyses are conducted using the Lovibond ® tablet reagents with long-term stability and a guaranteed minimum 5 or 10 year shelf life, VARIO powder reagents or using liquid reagents.

Scroll Memory (SM)

To avoid unnecessary scrolling for the required test method, the instrument memorizes the last method used before switching off the instrument. When the instrument is switched on again, the scroll list comes up with the last used test method first.

Zero Setting (OTZ)
For certain versions of the instrument it is not necessary to zero the instrument each time. The zero setting is held in
memory (One Time Zero - OTZ). The zero setting can be confirmed whenever it is usefull.

SensoDirect 150


pH/Redox, Conductivity/TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature °C/°F
All in one
Real time data logger
Protective casing
RS 232 / USB


Lovibond SensoDirect 150The SensoDirect 150 is designed for multi purpose operation and measures pH/Redox, dissolved oxygen and conductivity/TDS. It incorporates an intuitive user interface, large, easy to read display and is supplied with a sturdy handy case with electrodes, buffer solution and accessories.

Scuba and Scuba + : The Next Generation in Electronic Pool Testers

For the discerning swimming pool and whirlpool operator

For peace of mind, anyone owning a pool should carry out regular checks on the most important characteristics of the water in the pool (the so-called hygiene parameters). So the quality of the water can be checked and the water treatment chemicals can be dosed to meet the requirements. The Scuba is an immersible test device which uses a similar technology as is used in public swimming pools. A sample of the water is tested using the photometric principle and the result is shown in the digital display. Compared to visual pooltester systems this eliminates the risk of wrong colour readings. The unit has a modern housing designed to meet ergonomic requirements and is, of course, fully watertight. The Scuba is supplied complete with specially formulated, quick-dissolving reagent tablets (identified by their white foil packaging). It also has a handy strap so that it can be hung safely in a storage area. You can trust the latest technology from Lovibond®.


Insert the 9V battery in the unit and switch on at the "on/off" switch. Then set the "mode" button to the test required – for example, "Cl" for chlorine. Now open the cover on the left hand side of the unit and swing the Scuba through the water until the measurement chamber is full of water. Close the cover and press the "zero/test" button to set zero. Open the cover again and drop the appropriate quick-dissolving reagent tablet into the water, close the cover and shake the Scuba to ensure even distribution of the reagent in the water sample. A quick press on the "zero/test" button will display the digital reading in milligrams per litre (mg/litre) or as a pH value.
Do it like an professional - water quality measurement is as easy as this !


highly accurate
digital display
quick-dissolving reagent tablets
weighs only 100 g

Lovibond® Photometer - System PoolDirect

Multiparameter Photometer for modern pool water analysis

This contemporary, multi-parameter photometer caters for the full range of water testing requirements experienced by modern swimming pools. Various national laws and standards and international regulations make high demands on the practicability of the testing unit as well as on the accuracy of results. The PoolDirect enables swimming pool and spa operators to measure all the relevant parameters for assessing pool water quality rapidly, reliably and with optimum precision.

A large graphic display, a choice of several different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian) and user-friendly operating instructions make the device extremely easy to use.

Lovibond® POOLTESTER - The original
Now even better than before!

Is it possible to make the original even better and more attractive? Yes, it is!

Your own pool in the garden or in the house. For many people this represents the height of pleasure and makes for real quality of life. However, a whole range of water treatment products is required so that bathing remains a pleasure, with top water quality unaffected by contamination and bacteria. One of the most popular treatments is the chlorine/DPD method but this is effective only if the pH value is maintained within the right range. For this reason you should always check the water quality each day, before plunging into the pool.

As a discerning pool owner you deserve the best : the proven Lovibond® Pooltester.

The unit makes an attractive appearance in its modern, colourful new packaging. The cover flap mechanism makes it easy to take out any of the utensils and measurements are even simpler to carry out by hand.

The instructions have also been up-dated to meet modern needs, with pictograms which can immediately be understood by any owner of a pool or whirlpool. High-accuracy display and ease of handling go without saying. And anyone preferring alternative water treatment agents such as active oxygen or bromine will also welcome the new, practical and attractive housing.
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