Technics & Applications


Manufacturer of automatic pool covers and solar collectors


The company, Technics & Applications, manufactures slatted covers and automatic safety covers. Since 1995, T&A makes automatic covers for the pool industry.
With an annual production of more than 2,500 units and a production area of 10,000 m², T&A is one of Europe's largest suppliers. The sale, installation and maintenance of its products are carried out exclusively through professional companies specialized in the swimming pool sector.

The environs of the pool are the place where people seek rest and relaxation, where children play and where athletes train and take care of their bodies. Moreover, a pool is an investment for the future. Unfortunately, the advantages mentioned above are overshadowed by very high energy-consumption costs.
Today, we see with pleasure that owners and companies specializing in pools invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. To this end, an automatic pool cover is essential and amortized over approximately 5 years.  More than 80 % of heat loss occurs at the surface. A pool without a cover is like a house without insulation.

T&A makes 2 covers of different qualities, each with its own advantages. Both covers are available in several colours. They can be installed for existing or new pools and correspond to the French safety standard: NF P90- 308.

AquaguardAquaGuard is our automatic safety cover. When the cover is closed, the PVC fabric reinforced with fiberglass rests on the water surface, allowing it to support the weight of several persons, without ever getting their feet wet. Children or adults never come into contact with the pool water.  AquaGuard prevents evaporation of water up to 100 %, offers safety that is 100% reliable and prevents dirt particles from entering the pool water.

AquatopAquaTop, our insulating slatted cover, combines several advantages. This cover prevents evaporation of water, insulates extremely well to retain the heat of the water, and if you opt for solar blades, even offers the possibility of heating the water in your pool. These blades, transparent on top and black underneath, have proven their effectiveness over many years. Besides PVC, polycarbonate is increasingly sold and integrated as a base material. Polycarbonate is resistant to shocks and extreme variations in temperature. Thanks to its upper layer resistant to ultraviolet rays, this blade is particularly durable.
Our latest creation, the "aluminium look" polycarbonate slats, give any pool the prestige worthy of a "business class".

EliosThe ELIOS Solar collectors in EPDM or silicone rubber heat pool water. This device can be connected to the existing filter pump and automatically controlled by a three-way ball valve. With this system, the pool water can gain up to 5° C / day in temperature. Combined with an automatic cover, these collectors are a highly recommended investment and are very long lasting.