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Microwell, Ltd. was founded in 1992. Our company´s business activities are divided into the following three main fields: Measuring and Control Engineering, Air conditioning Technology and Dehumidification Technology.

MicrowellOur business activities were extended in 2003 by adding manufacturing of swimming pool- and industrial dehumidifiers into our business portfolio.

Microwell, Ltd. manufactures swimming pool dehumidifiers ´´DRY´´ that are designed for smaller private and public indoor swimming pool halls.

Depending on the unit size these dehumidifiers are divided into DRY 300, DRY 500, DRY 800 and DRY 1200 product types.

The swimming pool dehumidifiers are available in three modifications: fibre glass cover (DRY PLASTIK), stainless steel cover (DRY SILVER) and rusting resistant metal cover (DRY METAL).

They are manufactured in accordance with the latest technical know-how in a field of dehumidification technology. The products are highly competitive, very effective and have a modern, innovative design.

Furthermore our company provides projectional services, supply and installation of big dehumidifiers used in swimming pool halls and offers industrial and domestic dehumidifiers for our clients.

NEW PRODUCT : an innovative swimming pool dehumidification technology

Microwell, Ltd., a manufacturing and trading company with more than 7 years experience in the marketplace, launches its new, elegant and affordable swimming pool dehumidifiers DRY series, DRY 800 and DRY 1200.

These units are designed for bigger indoor swimming pool halls with 90 – 120 m² surface. They are manufactured in accordance with the latest technical know-how in a field of dehumidification technology. This new silent and effective dehumidifiers with a modern, and innovative design, are produced in silver metallic finish color.

Other innovations from the Slovak company are Microwell DRY Precision 100 and DRY Easy 200, remote wireless humidistats used for an effective control of the humidity and temperature regulation. They use the latest micro processing digital technology, with a modern silicon capacitance humidity sensor, ensuring a precise control with a long term constancy of the parameters.

Besides setting the requested humidity and temperature, its also possible to set the hysteresis in them. DRY Precision has got also a data logger function, enabling data recording and a sequent statistics processing for optimizing the unit´ s operation.

You will really feel well with dehumidifiers of MICROWELL.
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