The PISCINE GLOBAL EUROPE exhibition: Acquiring new skills

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To respond to regulatory frameworks, to specific demands of customers and the growth of the sector, the swimming pool professional has had to train himself and acquire new skills.




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With a knowledge of regulations

Pool Safety Law 2007, construction standards, DTU (unified technical documents), DP/PC urbanisation ... The profession has acquired a legal structure to reassure the client.
"Today, the majority of swimming pool professionals work with implantation sheets, construction phases that are validated and type-approval documents. They are supported by legal experts, lawyers and accountants for advice.  They are more and more structured", says Miguel Silva.



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With the digital world and customer experience

Although it is a milieu that is traditionally artisanal, the Pool & Spa sector has had to learn about the digital world.  Websites, databases, customer experience... It was necessary to familiarise itself with customer issues.  "It is better to have a well-designed website, than a 1000 m² showroom", says Miguel Silva.  As for the latter, it has to evolve and become a vibrant and friendly place in its own right where one enjoys spending time, discussing and giving concrete form to the final project.

With the Wellness universe

The pool constructor is now a real expert in wellness, and especially in spas.  Thorough knowledge of water chemistry has enabled pool constructors to win back a market by positioning themselves as specialists of well-being through water.



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