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Dear suppliers, dear customers
We are delighted to announce that NewComex, which controls 100% of the Procopi
Group, has been sold on 18th September 2017  to the Austrian company FIBA, based in Mondsee.

FIBA is the main shareholder of BWT (Best Water Technology), the European leader in water treatment.
BWT is a public company with a turnover of over 600 Million Euros in 2016 and employs more than 3300 staff, mainly in Europe.
The founders of Procopi, Mr Philippe BACH and Mr Jean-Marc LATREILLE will continue their duties on the Supervisory Board of Procopi, accompanied  by three directors from FIBA, who will bring considerable international experience to the newly formed group.
Mr Jocelyn BOURGEOIS will continue in his position as President of the Procopi Group.
Mr Bach, Mr Latreille and Mr Bourgeois will retain 25% of the shares of Procopi.
Sustained and continued success have always been at the core of Procopi and will continue to be so with the new shareholder.
By taking the majority control of the Procopi Group, FIBA clearly states its intention of continuing and reinforcing the position of Procopi as a producer and distributor of pool and spa products and services.
Based on their considerable experience, on their position as a market leader and an industrial force, the directors and shareholders of Procopi are focussed on developing the group on a more international scale.
More than ever, we will be delighted to count on your support in this new stage of Procopi’s development.
Jocelyn BOURGEOIS, President of the  PROCOPI Group
Jean-Marc LATREILLE & Philippe BACH, Founders of the PROCOPI Group.


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