Pentair introduces Wouter Steeman, new employee in Marketing Department

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Wouter Steeman

Pentair is pleased to introduce Wouter STEEMAN, new employee in its Marketing Department. We met him at Piscina Show in Barcelona.


Could you tell us about your career in the pool industry and how you got to this new position?

"When I joined Pentair, the Pool industry was totally new for me. In my previous job I was marketer in the concrete cutting and drilling branch. Despite the diversity in business, there is still a common point as we take a look at the target markets. Both businesses reach out to the construction business. The drilling of holes for lights, drains, piping and skimmers in concrete or stone swimming pools is done by the same builder of the pools, the Pool Professionals, we reach out for with Pentair.

That experience comes in handy when you’re working on new projects.

After 5 years I was ready for a new challenge in a more international environment. That’s what I found in the multinational Pentair for the GBU, Pentair Aquatic Systems, the former Pool and Spa."



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