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Biodesign offers patented swimming pool construction technology that allows you to customise every single detail of a pool, while respecting the environment at the same time.


The company aims to create a network of agents who will specialise in the sale, installation and maintenance of Biodesign swimming pools for both private and public users.




This network will consist of business units whose relationship with the parent company will be governed by exclusive long-term contracts. The project is backed by carefully organised support through a training programme that covers all aspects from end-to-end installation, design, sales systems, and advice on business management with the help of specific operating manuals.


Further collaboration is planned for a small number of affiliates-franchisees who could then directly manage a second level network under a production unit contract.  All levels of the network will participate in the operation of the company, which in turn will help its partners to develop in a sustainable and profitable manner.







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Contacter BIODESIGN POOLS [email protected]
Site de l'auteur http://www.biodesignpools.com

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