Mosaïne strengthens its export market

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Mosaïne - Alexandre MUELA
Alexandre MUELA - Exports Department
With the appointment of Alexander MUELA in the exports department, the French maker of friezes, water stripes, motifs and stickers, already present in many overseas markets, continues to develop its exports, particularly in Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Great Britain, Morocco, Tunisia, Slovenia, Croatia and the UAE ... and all the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe covered by EBTAL Plastic, Germany.

Mosaïne is a concept that was created in 2000 in Lyon, by Mr. CAILLET.

Ideal for customizing pools, the MOSAÏNE friezes, water-stripes and motifs are actual mosaics composed of tesserae laid with spaces between them and together form friezes and decorative motifs giving each of them a unique “handmade” effect.

Compatible with all PVC supports and also other materials such as polyester, acrylic or concrete, Mosaïne is easy to incorporate while constructing or renovating a pool.

Mosaïnes Concept - Exemples de frises
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