The UHE (Swimming Pool Professionals Association of Turkey) has elected a new Management Committee

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From left to right: Can SEBER, Recai CABUK, Ethem ERKOC, Ali AKGUN, Muzaffer SARIBAS, Cuneyit OKAN and Turgay OLCAY
The UHE (Ulusal Havuz Enstitüsü) - the Swimming Pool Professionals Association in Turkey - was founded on 20 April 1995. Its mission is, among others, to protect the swimming pool sector and environment against environmental pollution and the increasing tourism sector’s effects.

As a representation of all swimming pool professionals, the UHE keeps its members informed about the international swimming pool market and its operations.

After the 9th General Meeting of the Association Members on 14 March 2009, new candidates of the Management Committee have been elected and took over the management for a new period of time.

The new president is Mr Ali AKGUN. The list of the permanent and associate members of the new committee is as below:

Management Committee Permanent
Ali Akgün
Ethem Erkoç
Muzaffer Sarıbaş
Recai Çabuk
Cuneyit OKAN
Can Şeber
Turgay Olcay

Auditting Commission Permanent
Hasan Tahsin Dedeoğlu
Suat Gülçimen
Önder Tüzünalp

Discipline Committee Permanent
Mehmet Halit Calkı
Üzeyir Uludağ
Tarık Karaoğlu
Management Committee Associate
Mete Güney
Gökhan Yavuzer
Hasan Turhan
Fuat Akuzman
Yalçın Altay
Ahmet Uzun
Necmettin Çelebi

Auditting Commission Associate
Hakan Oskay
Hilmi Civan
Gültekin Otur

Discipline Committee Associate
Sakıp Tüzünalp
Hisar Aydoslu
Nebahat Öztürk
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