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Christophe Durand  Marketing Director
Christophe Durand
Marketing & Communication Director

Procopi launches an idea as effective as original: to make available personalized marketing campaigns to its customers, allowing them to exploit their commercial database.


The principle is very simple:


procopi webone just needs to connect to the company’s website (professional section) where various ready-to-use communication media are available for a selection of products from the manufacturer. One just has to fill in the necessary information by inserting their name, contact information, special offer dates, prices, their own logo and a text of their choice in order to finalize the whole document. Procopi thus worked out a selection of 15 different campaigns out of 4 relevant media: A3 small poster, A5 mailing, E-mailing and press advertisements.


The use of these media is free and only a very small financial participation is required for the printing of the paper documents. Nothing is charged for the electronic documents (E-mailing and press advertisements). This system offers the customers powerful tools to communicate efficiently and guarantees a return on investment at low cost.


E-mailing procopi Annonce presse procopi Affichettes A3 procopi Mailing A5 procopi
E-mailing Annonce presse Affichettes A3 Mailing A5




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Contacter PROCOPI [email protected]
Site de l'auteur http://www.procopi.com

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